Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NEW Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation

I found the new Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation at Walmart for $3.97.  That's pretty darn cheap for a foundation.  It claims to be light weight, and has vitamin A & E.  And the biggest claim is that you would look 100% poreless.  Intrigued?  I am!  It seems to have a nice variety of colors too.  I counted!  There are a total of 16 shades.  The picture above and below are the two shelves of colors that they have.

 I am guessing that this maybe my color?  Ah.. I really should have bought this one!
Here's the back of the glass bottle!
I saw Emily Noel's video and she reviewed this foundation.  What's most interesting about this foundation is that it comes with an applicator, which I have never seen in a foundation.  Take a look at her video and you will see!

Do you think you will try this out?


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