Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is it ELF or Forever 21 (Continued)

Here's the original post: Is it ELF or Forever 21???
So some of you guys were really quite shocked to find that the Forever 21 products look a heck lot like the ELF products.  Some of you wonder if it's the same products, have the same quality, and weather they are stealing.  And some wonder what the price differences are.

Well, here's what I think, but I could be wrong...  I really don't know for a fact.  From what I saw in Forever 21, they look to be exactly the same products but just with a different label on.  I don't think that they are stealing.  They may have gotten the same products from the same manufacturer.  I am curious to know if Forever 21 realizes that ELF has the same products?  Another possibility is, could ELF and Forever 21 are really sister companies???   What are your thoughts on that? 

In terms of pricing, most of ELF's products are a little cheaper than Forever 21.  But the difference is that you can actually buy those products without paying for shipping with ELF.  So it may come out to be about the same.  I am including the link to Forever 21 and ELF so that you can compare the prices:

Forever 21 Website
ELF Website

Here are some more pictures from Forever 21.  Some are pictures of similar products, other are pictures of their newest makeup.

Does this not look like ELF eyebrow Treat & Tame or what???
What about this one here?  Yes that's right!  It's the ELF Makeup Remover Copycat!
Here's another ELF look alike Encyclopedia!
Some new original makeup from Forever 21
Let me know weather you will buy from ELF online or buy from Forever 21?

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