Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NEW Black Radiance 8-pan Eye Appeal Shadow Collection

So when I first heard G from nouveaucheap talk about these new 8-pan from Black Radiance, I think I jumped up and down!  Some of you may know that both Wet n Wild and Black Radiance are owned by Markwins.  So, I was pretty sure that these 8-pan shadows would be just as good!  I did buy one... Downtown Bronws, and I am going to do a review on that right away.  I will include a link here as soon as the post is up.  Also, I was able to use the coupon included, which brought the price down to $5.99.  I have seen the palette range anywhere from $6.99-$7.99.  Why is it more expensive than the WnW palettes?

Meanwhile, enjoy some pictures of these wonderful new palettes. 
(The pictures below are all take with flash)

Posh Plum
 Downtown Browns
 Urban Jungle

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