Monday, February 7, 2011

LA Colors Mineral Blush

LA Colors don't get talked about much in the makeup world.  Most think of the brand as junkie Dollar Store stuff.  But then I came across these...

I don't when exactly these come out, but on the LA Colors website, it says that LA Colors Mineral Blush is new.  Well, I spotted these at my local beauty stores.  Do you see the wide variety of colors and also the price tag?  $3.99!  Not bad at all if you ask me!  And the idea of Mineral Blush intrigues me!

 I was most delighted when I saw the little logo that says "Cruelty Free".  That means that it's not tested on animals!
 Since there are testers, I was curious enough to just do a few quick swatches!  Ah... HELLO to pigmentation!!  Do you see that!  Nice pink, ha?
Here are a few colors swatched on my hand!  I was impressed!

They do sell these on for $4.80.  Click here to take you to the link!  
Do you happen to have one of these and what do ya think?

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