Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LA Splash Mineral Eyeshadow

You guys have heard of LA Splash?  They are sold in some drugstores.  I have seen LA Splash in NY's Duane Reade before, but I have never seen that many different shades of Mineral Eyeshadow!  I found these at my local Beauty Supply Store.  The price in my store is reduced to just $3.29!  Not bad at all!

 Look at the wide selection of colors!  They have 224 colors!  You can't beat that!  They sell these on, and I found what it claims on the website: "All of LASplash Eye Sparkle powders are formulated from micronized mica (an all natural ingredient) found in high-end professional cosmetics. They are long lasting, weightless, non-irritating and does not contain talc, oil or fragrance. These highly pigmented colors can be paired up with Diamond Dust Mineral Shadow and Crystallized Glitter to add boldness and contrast. The main ingredient, micronized mica, is an all-natural mineral used in high-end professional cosmetics. All of LASplash eyeshadows are long-lasting, weightless, non-irritating and 100% free of talc, oil and fragrance"
 They have testers too and I am swatching a purple color for you guys!
 Pretty silver color!

These are on sale on  It is $5.99 each on there, but now they have a promotion for buy 2 get 1 free.  They have like a million and half colors!  LOL.  They are also on sale on, and LA Splash Site.

I think I do want to try these out at some point.  They do look interesting right?


aly7 said...

These look really pretty! They are not sold at my local drugstores though(ohio). Love that silver!

Sylvia A. said...

CAn you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where this beauty supply store is? I have called the ones around me and they dont have it. I live in NYC. Also do you remember what duanreade you saw it at?
Luckily for me your post is the most recen i have found about these eye shadows. MANy i have found are like 2 years ago so i thought i will never find these unless i buy the for $6 on cherry culture -__-

Anonymous said...

I saw this brand at the Duane Reade on 34th and 8th :)

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