Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NEW Sephora Baked Moonshadow Trio

These new Sephora Baked Moonshadow Trios look pretty seductive!  Here's what the site says:

Baked Moonshadow Trio
What it is:
A collection of baked eyeshadow trios.

What it does:
These super-smooth formulas deliver cosmic amounts of diamond dust shimmer. Each trio is composed of three harmonized shades that blend easily to create a perfect smoky eye with a super sparkly finish.

What else you need to know:
Used wet, each shade's payoff is intensified to give a bolder effect; the dark shade can be used as an i eyeliner. Contains soothing green tea extract to deliver antioxidant properties. 

I did a quick swatch in the store and this is how it looks.  It's pretty shimmery and the colors looks so pretty!

It is a bit pricey though.  It's $17 for a small trio.  But they are something different from Sephora!

  Click here to see it on the website

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