Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Urban Decay Dupe Palette 48-Hour Sale NOW!! (Ofra Tutorial/Swatches/Review)

This is first come first served 48-hour Independence Day Ofra Cosmetics Sale.  Quantity of each item is limited so I recommend purchasing immediately.  In the video I share with you a tutorial using all sale items, and review and swatches of all products on sale.

These items are on sale:
0:00 Tutorial begins
0:27 Absolute Face Primer
0:37 Silk Peptide Foundation
0:51 Concealer Wheel
1:12 Window Pallet (UD Look-alike Pallet)
1:36 3D Cream Eyeshadow (Diamond Glitz)
1:50 3D Loose Eyeshadow (Diamond Glitz)
2:41 Eyeliner Gel (Black)
4:02 Vitamin C Bronzer
4:20 Bright Matte Eyeshadow Pallet
5:44 Eye Gel Primer
6:14 3D Cream Eyeshadows
7:03 Face Lifting Flash Primer
7:39 Baked Pallet
9:08 Window Pallet Swatches (UD Look-alike Pallet)

(PLEASE READ!!!!) IMPORTANT Detailed instructions:
Link to Ofra Cosmetics's 48-hour sale for my subscribers:
Please note: NO NEED TO PUT IN CODE (even though I said you have to in the video and that the top of the Ofra page says you have to). I repeat: NO NEED TO PUT IN CODE!!!!

Once you are on the link, the prices are automatically deducted. Shipping is also reduced for 48 hours to $6.99 for UNLIMITED quantity of things you buy!  Ofra Cosmetics are made in the USA and it is a cruelty free brand.

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