Thursday, July 5, 2012

48 Hours Ofra Sale Update!

48 Hours Ofra Sale is almost over!   (Though I heard a rumor that they may extend it just a little bit more due to high demand.)

Update and Answers to your questions:

1) I got official word that due to the high demands, Ofra is willing to ship to Canada. I'm sorry to the rest of my international subbies. I'll do an international giveaway in the future.

2) This is from one of my subscribers so I can't verify if it works or not. Here's what she wrote, "IF YOU TYPE IN "TWITTER" IN THE COUPON CODE SECTION, YOU CAN GET AN ADDITIONAL $10 OFF!!!!!" I do think that you have to have $50 minimum.

3) The products that I show on the video will be the same ones you buy even if they maynot look the same on the site.

4) For foundation shade guide: I am about NC 30. I was told the following: 2,3,4 are for people who are of my skin tone or lighter and 5,6,7,8 are for people that have a deeper complexion than me.

(PLEASE READ!!!!) IMPORTANT Detailed instructions:
Link to Ofra Cosmetics's 48-hour sale for my subscribers:
Please note: NO NEED TO PUT IN CODE (even though I said you have to in the video and that the top of the Ofra page says you have to). I repeat: NO NEED TO PUT IN CODE!!!!

Here's the video again!

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