Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nicki Minaj Good Morning Amierca Tutorial!

You all found out what I do for a living finally!  I am a professional Classical Cellist, a Juilliard grad.  I was on Good Morning America performing along side with Nicki Minaj.  This was a really fun gig for me as I don't often play Pop.  I was able to see her makeup from just inches away!!  So I am able to recreate this look!  Also check out many pictures from Good Morning America below!

Here I attempt to make Nicki Minaj's faces!
  "Oops I had a nip slip...."
 Nicki's signature "ARH!!!!" Look!!
 This is the same look as this below:
This is during the Dress Rehearsal right before the show!  The dancers are dancing!!
 Side of stage:
Here I am on stage during Dress Rehearsal.  I couldn't hear anything even with the "ears". 
 The audience is going crazy when Nicki was about to come out!
Here's my favorite shot of me and Nicki!
 Enjoy the tutorial!
Jesse's Girl Eye Dust (Trouble Maker)
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Purple Velvet)
ELF Cream Eyeliner (Black)
ELF Cream Eyeliner (Teal Tease)
Rimmel Accelerator Mascara

Revlon PhotoReady Makeup (Natural Beige)
ELF Makeup Mist & Set
NYX HD Studio Photogenic Primer
ELF Studio Blush (Pink Passion)

ELF $1 Lipstick (Flirtation)

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