Friday, July 22, 2011

Tutorial/Swatch: Wet n Wild "Go For The Gold" Summer Limited Edition

 Summer's hottest new items from Wet n Wild's Limited Edition "Go For The Gold" including its new trio "The Gilded Age" and bronzer "Everything Under the Sun"!! Swatches and tutorial all in one video!  Scroll down to see a complete list of products used for the tutorial.   Enjoy!
(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Products used:

NYX HD Studio Primer
NYX HD Studio Foundation (Soft Beige)
ELF HD Powder
Wet n Wild Everything Under the Sun ("Go For The Gold" Summer Limited Edition)
Wet n Wild "The Gilded Age" Trio ("Go For The Gold" Summer Limited Edition)
Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eye Liner (black)
ELF Eyebrow Kit (Ash)
Maybelline Falsies
ELF Shimmer Eye Pencil (Boldly Bronzed)
Elf Glitter Gloss (Twinkle Pink)

Are you going to run and get it now??  You'd better because it's limited edition!!!


Sarahkay612 said...

I have the eyeshadow trio and I love it. Now after watching your tutorial I'm so tempted to rush out and see if they still have that beautiful bronzer. I normally don't go for the bronzer because I'm so fair I'm afraid it will look fake on me. I'm a redhead with like the lightest shade of foundation they come in. I'm also warm coloring. Do you think it would look good on me?

Diva Makeup Queen said...

I like how it looks on me, but it really depends on your skintone. It's only $2.99 so you don't have much to lose! :)


cleung341 said...

I've been trying to find the WnW trio everywhere! Where did you find yours?

Sarahkay612 said...

I saw the bronzer and trio at Fred Meyer's today.

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