Monday, June 20, 2011

NYC has how many Mascaras??

 Now just how many mascaras does NYC produce?  Well at this local Drugstore, I found at least 6 and I think there are more.  Each one has a different function it seems.  The yellow on give you more lash lift.
 Volumizing and Defining!  And it even tells you that it's 70% more lift and 10x the volume.  How did they measure exactly?

 What?  Only 8x fuller lashes?  LOL
 Oh this is getting worse.  Now it's only 60% lift?  What happened to the 70%?
 Now this one is waterproof volume.
 And it lengthens too!!

They are all only $2-4.  Anyone tried these and can you tell me if you got 60? or 70% life or curl?  (Maybe it was just 55%!  LOL)


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