Thursday, June 30, 2011

Evening Makeup Practice

So last night at my school, we practiced evening makeup on each other!  Here's my classmate Lauren working on pretty dramatic eyes on me.  We used some pretty fancy Mac Teal pigments and pack them on the lids, and some dark brown in the outer corners.  A bright white shimmery color in the inner corner, and Lauren used a warm brown in the outer part of my crease.  Then we packed on black in the outer corner, and blended into the crease.  Last but not least, concealer in the brow bone area to make it pop, and our Instructor Ruthie Weems put some Mac Mineralize SkinFinish in the brow bone area to create some shimmer!

Good job Lauren!!  It was a good practice.  The picture from my phone really doesn't do the real thing justice.  It looked awesome in person!

We only had time to do Lauren's eyes, but I did a smokey brown purple look.  I didn't even get to Mascara but here's my picture!  It wasn't finished but the next step, I would have blended out the outer corner with Mac Face and Body to soften the edges!


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