Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little Black Dresses and Tops...

Ok, so I have recently been in search of Little Black Dresses and Tops.  I love this one here found at Bebe with these KILLER SHOES!!!  Check them out!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  I didn't end up buying them because as pretty as the dress and shoes are, I knew that I wouldn't have that many opportunities to wear them.  But they sure as hell look good!

I did end up getting these few outfits below though at Express as well as Charlotte Russe.  I find that these one shoulder designs really fit my body well.  I love them.  I got all three!  With accesories like a nice color necklace on top, you can't really go wrong with these little outfits.  You can dress them how you like and appropriate for many occasions!

Do you have little black outfits that you like?  Enjoy!

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