Sunday, April 3, 2011

NEW Maybelline Eye Studio (Limited Edition)

 These are indeed some lovely colors from Maybelline for the spring.  All the colors look like flowers!  (Click on the pictures for larger viewing)

 I was instantly attracted to the quads as I have a few of these from the permanent collection.  This one "Mythical Mermaid" really stood out to me.  These are some of the brightest colors I have ever seen Maybelline came out with!
Now this one here... hmm...  Excuse me Maybelline.  You have almost exactly the same product already on the permanent collection and now you are just giving it a different name!
 Check these comparison pictures here.  The new limited edition "Virtually Violet" look almost exactly the same as the permanent line's "Purple Icon".
Well they look really awfully close!  Here are the other two which are definitely new and exciting colors.  Picture below is "Ravishing Rose".  This one is beautiful and the colors do remind me of roses.
 Alluring Almond: Looks ok.  I am not too excited by this one.
 And they have a new gel eyeliner color called "Forest"

Do you think you will be checking out some of these out?


PS According to PETA, Mabelline tests on animals.  Use at your own discretion.
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