Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NEW Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadows (Spring 2011)

So I am sure that most of you guys have seen these already.  Maybelline's Expertwear Eyeshadows have a different look, and supposedly a different formulation too.  

From what I understand, they have brand new colors and combination as well, and have kept some old palettes including Chai Latte (one of their most popular palettes), and Enchanted Forest.

I saw these at Walmart, and they are divided in different categories and different color schemes:
Perfect Pastels
Chic Naturals
Modern Metallics
Stylish Smokes

Perfect Pastels:
Vibrant Spring Flower Colors in Quads and Trios
And they also have duos and singles too!  Look at those beautiful sky blue colors and pastel pink!  OHH!
 Chic Naturals:
For you ladies that like your neutrals
 Modern Metallics:
For those of you that like your bronze, golds, and deep browns.   Look- "Chai Latte" is already gone!

Stylish Smokes:
I think Maybelline is most famous for the smokey palettes.  Here they appear again, and they are prefect for evening wear.

And the 8-pan look pretty good with new colors!

Do any of you own these new Maybelline palettes?  Do you really find them to be different from the old ones in formulation or is it the same just packaged differently?  Send me your thoughts in the comment below!


PS I haven't done too many reviews on Maybelline because I know that they do test on animals.  I just want to put that out there.  It doesn't mean that I won't use or review their products, but I also think that since I am a beauty blogger, I have the responsibility to put a disclaimer when reviewing products that test on animals.

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