Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette back in stock!!!

Oh my!  Who is totally DYING for the Urban Decay Naked Palette!!  I am so so tempted to get it!  It's back in stock on Sephora.com!  It's $44, and if you buy enough that adds up to $50, then you get free shipping.

I have swatched the palette in Ulta and I MUST say, I understand why there is such a big hype about this palette.  The colors are absolutely stunning!  Look at the top row of my hand. 

So, should I get it?  I am supposed to not buy any makeup until Feb 1 (It's a self imposed makeup sober diet I am trying to do to prove my own will power!)  ARH!  SO TORN!!

Who has it and who is going to get it?

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