Saturday, January 1, 2011

NEW Rimmel Glam' Eyes Quad

I saw this at Walgreens and they look SO PRETTY!!  They are definitely a lot better than those little quads they are selling for 75% off at CVS right now!   They shadows look very Satiny, and shimmery.  The colors look rich and vibrant and there is a wide selection of them.  I also saw a little instructional picture in the back as with many drugstore quads now showing you where to put each color.They are a little under $6 from the Walgreens.  Check them out!  If you have them, share with us what you think in the comment section below?



JenVerField said...

Beautiful shadows!

Shabby makeup said...

I love them! Hopefully they sell them where I shop!

And I also gave you a blog award!

Stephanie said...

some of them are the exact same colors as the old ones.. not sure about how the quality compares though. I do like the new look.

Diva Makeup said...

Hey ladies!!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Stephanie, thanks so much for linking to my blog. Shabby Makeup, thanks for the award!! Jen, great to see you here as always!


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