Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NEW: Physicians Formula Happy Booster

So I have been reading on other blogs about Physicians Formula's Happy Booster and I have been so darn curious!  And I was so excited to see them hit the shelf by me!  It claims to boost your mood, and the packaging is just incredibly cute!  Look at all those little hearts!  Physicians Formula has really stepped up their game as their products have become better and better, and their packaging is definitely infinitely better than it has been in the past!
These Happy Boosters come in the forms of Blush, Face Powder, and Bronzer!  The packaging comes with a brush, and a mirror.  The blush is $11.95, and the Face Powder (Powder or Bronzer) retails for $13.95. 
Here's the Blush, and I was happy to see that it comes with a little coupon!  The Blush is slightly smaller than the Face Powder, and it comes in two colors: Rose and Natural.
Here's what it says in the back!
 The Face Powder comes in four colors: Translucent, Beige, Light Bronzer, and Bronzer.  Here's the Light Bronzer:
Emily Noel on YT did a review on the products.  I am including her video here:

For more info, go to Physician's Formula's Website:

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