Friday, January 28, 2011

Is it ELF or Forever 21 Part 3

Some more goodies from Forever 21!
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Is it ELF or Forever 21 (Continued) 

Some definitely look like ELF dupes, and some original stuff too!  These look like ELF $1 Gloss! 

Some nice falsies
Colorful tweezers!
What does this remind you of from ELF??  That's right Minty Lip Gloss!
 Some original blushes!
 Hey they have brushes too!
 Nice nail polish!  Very colorful!

ELF dupe: studio blushes!
 ELF dupe: eyebrow kit!
Definitely ELF dupe here!  Concealer and highlighter
 I took this picture and thought that these look so so cute!
Even though Forever 21 has some of the same stuff as ELF, but they continue to have new things!  Click here to see what else they have online!  Do you own any of this makeup?
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