Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Forever 21 Palettes!

I spotted these palettes and I was immediately intrigued. There're quite a few neutral quads, and smoky ones as well. And they look quite good. I did buy two, and will be showing them
in my next video. And I must say so far, I'm liking them quite a bit. These are better quality than some of the ones from the past. But with forever 21, it's always a hit or miss. Sometimes you see all those shattered eyeshadows all over the place at forever 21, and sometimes they're Gems. I have no idea why gurus or bloggers don't talk about forever 21 makeup more. Because they do have plenty of selections, and it's extremely affordable.

They also have blushes and cream eyeliner as well. See pictures below. See the pricing? It's pretty incredible

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