Monday, January 2, 2012

NEW Color Riche Balm by L'Oreal

Every brand in the drugstore seems to be coming up with something very similar- the whole moisturizing, lip balm, lip butter kind of lipsticks.  Well, L'Oreal made something new that is in direct competition with Revlon's Lip Butter (everyone has been raving about the Lipbutter).  How do the NEW Color Riche Balm by L'Oreal compare to the Lip Butter by Revlon?  I know not.  But I did do a quick swatch at the store.  Surprisingly, they have testers these days.  You can see my swatch and it looks quite sheer, but it seems moisturizing.  The packaging is definitely cute, and you can see through it. 

Does anyone have these and what do you think?

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