Saturday, December 31, 2011

NEW Color Tatoo 24 hr Gel Cream Shadow by Maybellline

When I saw these at Ulta, I almost passed out. Now that looks AMAZING. First, take a look at the colors here. They are extremely bright and vibrant. Second, look at the beautiful packaging. It is sleek and looks very high-end. Third, it claims to last 24 hours. And look at the diverse selection of colors.

I would be curious to find out weather these cream shadows can stand on their own, or if they can serve as a base color to put powder shadows on top. We shall see. Anyone spotted these yet?



Jasmine said...

Hey I know you love ELF and I just wanted to let you know that Target is having a BIG sale on elf holiday palettes(the silver glitterly palettes). Definitely try to make it there before its gone!!!

Amanda Elisabeth said...

I saw these at CVS the other day. They look so beautiful. I was thinking they would be awesome to use as a base and even as eyeliner

1xellus1 said...

I saw these @ CVS. I've been to 3 so far trying to snatch up all of the colors. It's a shame they are ltd edition. I've only seen space for 2 of each color @ each CVS location. YIKES! I would definately use them as a 2ndary base & set with powder e/s as I have super oily lids. They look so pretty in my muji. LOL

FS.Rain said...

Hi Wing!

I really enjoyed following your blog, lots updates! it also made me envious, I can't get all these wet n wild items in Singapore. some of the maybelline, revlon n loreal products too.. Dun even think of physicians formular or cover girl, nyc etc.. However, I believe sooner or later i'll find ways to get them!

Even though I might not be able to get my hands on the items u discover, I still enjoy hearing from u very much. Keep,posting! XD

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