Monday, May 2, 2011

NEW Sephora Colorista Custom Makeup Palette

Everyone knows by now that I am a palette freak.  So when I saw this new Sephora Colorista Custom Makeup Palette, I was intrigued.  So basically it comes in like a normal palette, except that you can take out individual eyeshadow or lip color, and fit them into this little box below here:

 Well, it sounds like a great idea!  Custom made palette for on the go!  But practically, it's kind of a pain in the butt.  I tried to take out the individual shadows and it was difficult to do, and it was messy.  And it's hard to place each item in the compact.  And when you are looking at so many colors to choose from, you can get a little overwhelmed.  See how there's a palette within a palette below?
Now you see how this works? 

 It cost $36.  I'll pass for this one.  What about you?
 Here's what the website says:

Colorista Custom Makeup Palette ($155 Value)
What it is:
A makeup palette with dozens of colors and a removable compact.

What it does:
The Colorista palette gives you a spectacular range of colors, including a balanced mix of wearable nudes, stylish runway-inspired shades, and bold colors. When at home, keep the sleek black case nearby for exactly the right hue when you need it. For your purse, choose eight of your favorite colors and pop them into the customizable compact. Made with quality ingredients, each eye shadow is highly pigmented; the blushes and bronzes blend easily.

This palette includes:
- 35 eye shadows
- 15 lipsticks/lipglosses
- 4 blushes
- 2 bronzers

What else you need to know:
Using the included tool, it's easy to to lift out the shades you want out of the palette to place them into the portable compact. Magnets hold each color tray in place, e ensuring that they stay put. Mirrors are included in both the compact and palette case. 


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