Sunday, February 20, 2011

NEW Physicians Formula Eye Candy Collection

OK I ain't going to lie!  I WANT THESE!! You know, I think I am really starting to have a love affair with Physicians Formula.  They just keep coming up with these awesome shimmer strips one after another.  It's like I can't even keep up.  I just bought a whole bunch from the CVS 75% sale in which I haven't tried nor done tutorials on!!  Now they come up with these brilliant colors.  What am I going to do???

For those of you who are less familiar with Physicians Formula's Shimmer Strips, they have come out with these custom eye shadow sets, promising to enhance different eye colors including ones for Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes, Hazel Eyes, and Green Eyes.  But in fact in my humble opinion may I say, I think they are just good for any eye colors!  There are just endless combination of colors to choose from with each palette.

They came out with:
Classic Collection
Bronze Collection
Smoky Collection
Pop Collection (The most popular!)
And now!  Ta Da!!  The Eye Candy Collection

I can already tell from the colors that this Eye Candy Collection is going to be a hit just like the Pop Collection. Now mind you, I only spotted two of these Eye Candy Collection at Walmart recently, and I thought I would share!  If anyone else have pictures of the other two, please share on facebook with us!

Here's my facebook page:

Thanks for reading!  Send me those pictures ok?  Who has them by the way???
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