Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Under $10 Forever 21 Makeup Palettes

I have already done a couple of posts on Forever 21's makeup, and how there are many products that look exactly like ELF's makeup.  Well, Forever 21's brand is called Love & Beauty, and they also have some stuff that is original (well, as far as I know anyway!)  Since I am a sucker for palettes, I have snapped some pictures to share with you guys.  All of them are under $10!!  WOW!  And they look pretty cool!  Check it out!

Eyeshadow Palette $4.80
$7.80 Rose Gold Palette
 $4.80 Natural Eyeshadow Quad!!

This is only $3.80 Eyeshadow Hearts Palette!
I didn't jot down the price of this Smokey Eyes Palette, but the packaging reminds me a whole lot of Urban Decay's palettes!  Copy cat caught!  But the price is a lot better!  I think it's definitely under $10

 $7.80 Matt Makeup Kit
They do sell some of these palettes online.  Click here to check them out.
Do you own any of these, and what do you think about them?
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