Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Find: Revlon Scented Nail Polish

Who is totally in LOVE like I am with these Revlon Scented When Dry Nail Polish?  The colors are so vibrant that I just want to snatch them ALL up!  (I can't buy until Feb 1!  I am on a self imposed 30-day makeup diet.  Hey it's day 5 already, and I am still makeup sober.  I am surviving!  And hence, I take pictures of everything I see and blog them all to cure my habitual makeup buying habits...)  Now back to these nail polishes, will you just take a look?  Forget about how good they smell, (though I am curious.. anyone know how they smell like?)  I am more fascinated by the neon looking teal and purple colors that are just so unusual and they totally stand out to me.  Total GORGEOUSNESS!!!!

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