Friday, January 7, 2011

How to Fake Orgasm.. NARS Orgasm Blush DUPES!!!!

Want to fake your (NARS) Orgasm! Here are some DUPES that are much cheaper alternatives. And they all stand on their own too!  For details about which one is the BEST NARS Orgasm dupe, be sure to watch my video. 

These are the dupe pictures all taken with flashes

1) Milani Luminous $5-6

2) ELF Glow $1

3) Wet n Wild Pearlescent Pink $2.99

4) ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzer $3

 5) ELF Studio Candid Coral $3

 6) Jordana Coral Sandy Beach $1-2

Here's how NARS Orgasm looks like:

Here are the swatches under florescent light (Click on the pic to see it larger!)

Here's another picture under a different set of lighting.  As you can see, they all really look kind of identical!  The one that says "0" is NARS, then you can see 1, 2, 3 and they are in the order that I put them on this blog as well as the video! (Click on the pic to see it larger!)

Watch the video below.  Or click on this link here:  

Happy Duping everyone!  Let me know if you other dupes that I am not aware of.  I heard that Mark's "After Glo" is also a dupe.  Others??



JenVerField said...

Hey Wing,
Great post! I have mark.'s afterglo if you would like to see a swatch of it. It costs 8.00 though, I'd rather get the E.L.F or wet n' wild for under 5.

jazzyphizz said...

I agree Elf's Glow is the perfect dupe. I use it all the time. The best part is it's only $1.

Diva Makeup said...

I should get a new ELF Glow as it's all broken! Jen, would love to see After glo swatch! Pursebuzz actually just did a video on Mark's makeup and showcased it too! :)

clark howard said...

I don’t think many of websites provide this type of information.last longer in bed

BengJan DeJesus said...

Thank you so much! It really was a big help for me. Hehe

ecampillo said...

I LOVE Jordana products!! I love their felt eyeliner (found at Walgreens) it cost under $3 and works better than even the other cheap drugstore ones that are $5 and up!!! I don't know how many of them I have purchased but when I do I get like 2 or more at a time because I think people are catching on! Every time the store get more in stock, they go SO FAST!!!!

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