Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NEW New York Color (NYC) 2011 Lip Stains & Lip Shines

Just saw NYC come out with these pictures on facebook and thought that I would share with you.  This looks pretty exciting.  The lip stains look awfully like the ones by Revlon and Covergirl.  Everyone is trying to copy everyone!  What's up with that? (See pictures below) But they still look nice!  They claim to last for 16 hours!

Here's what the NYC site on facebook says:

Check out our new LIPS products for 2011. In stores January 1, 2011.
Each display will contain only 2 units for each product. Grab them while they last!

Persistent Pink, Forever Freesia, Never Ending Nude, Champagne Stain, Smooch Proof, Endless Spice, Forever Fuchsia, Rock on Ruby, Berry Long Time, Forever Mine Wine

City's Clear, Brighton Beach Peach, Prospect Pink, Fashion Ave Fuchsia, Rivington Rose, Midtown Mulberry, Nude York City, Honey on the Hudson, Wine n Dine, Big Apple Spice

For a list of where NYC products are sold:

 The lip shines have a nice variety of colors and the packaging looks cute too!

Do you think you will buy these?  Do you also think that companies are copying each other too much?
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