Sunday, July 29, 2012

Smashbox The Masterclass Palette (limited edition)

When I first heard about a similar palette as this one, it was from Emilynoel who told us that this was only available at QVC. It was called Photo-op Mega palette. That one has three folds but this one has two. I was definitely tempted to get it then, but now that I've seen something similar in person at Sephora, I'm really tempted to get it!

It makes a perfect travel palette because it has just about everything you need. It has eyeshadows on the left side, gel liners on the right side, and blushes and lip products. It is limited edition only at Sephora and get this... It is only $59. It is an absolute steal.

I almost picked it up today but ended up with the "Nakeds" palette from Victoria Secret instead. Maybe I should have gotten this instead. There only seemed to be a few left on the shelves in Sephora...

Do you think you will pick this up? Or a better question is should I??


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