Friday, January 20, 2012

Good For You Makeup

Just had a long facebook discussion with my YouTube friend Grace. 
Here's her Youtube channel: cosmeticcouturier
Check out her blog too.  It has awesome stuff on it:

Ever since I saw another Youtube friend TalkinMakeup's video (see video below), I have been trying to make a conscious effort to feature mostly cruelty free products on my youtube channel.  And I am happy to report to you that about 80-90% of my video content is cruelty free.  However, I have not moved away from being completely cruelty free yet.  It is difficult, but at least I am making an effort. 

Grace has an amazing channel that's completely cruelty free, and she also gave me many resources on makeup products that are cruelty free, and paraben free too.  I want to list all the links she sent me here:

Vegan Beauty Market sells cruelty free and vegan skincare and cosmetics
Beauty Blogger and Youtuber Veggie Beauty's list of Cruelty Free Cosmetics
Leaping Bunny's Complete List of Cruelty-free Companies
OrganicBeautyNow sells beauty brands that are organic, cruelty free, chemical free 
Shopping Club with Style and Conscience
Vegan Beauty Review Blog
Vegan Beauty Review YouTube Channel
Eco-Vegan Gal Shares Snacks Ideas
Au Natural Bontanicals- Organic Gluten Free Skin Care Products
Lollibomb Beauty Products

Here's my personal fave cruelty free beauty & makeup brands.  You see some of these brands a lot on my channel:
Wet n Wild
Urban Decay
Physicians Formula
Yes To Carrots
Black Radiance
The Body Shop

Here's TalkinMakeup's video about animal testing.
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