Tuesday, August 9, 2011

L'oreal OneSweep Sculting Blush Duo/Colour Riche LeGloss

 So following the whole One Sweep Eyeshadow idea, L'Oreal came out with the new OneSweep Sculpting Blush Duo.  Is it gimmicky?  The answer is absolutely.  Now that I have been formally trained as a Makeup Artist, I know that everything, and I mean everything from eyeshadows to blush need to be blended out.  You may sweep all you want, but it still needs to be blended afterwards.  And look at that price for a drugstore blush ($12.95), I don't know about you, but I definitely ain't going to be getting it.

The Color Rich Gloss is a quite a different story though.  There are only a few glosses left on the shelf.  It goes for $7.95.  I have seen a few reviews online about the gloss and I have heard raving reviews.  Here are a few reviews to check out:

Do you have these and will you be getting them?

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