Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CVS 75% & 50% off AGAIN!!

 OK, I have Ms. G at NouveauCheap to thank when there are great deals like that!  If you don't know her blog, you'd better run over there right now and check her out.  Her blog is fantastic! 

After I saw her blogpost about another CVS  75% & 50% off, I ran to my local CVS and took a bunch of pictures for you guys so that you can see exactly what products are on sale.  Of course, the sale maybe a little different from each city, so just take your item to the scanner to be sure.

In many incidents, only certain shade(s) of a products maybe on sale.  So I tried to take pictures of the exact shade(s).  I hope that you find this helpful.

And speaking of sale, I am putting together my very first blogsale!  YEAH!  Click here to check out the SALE!  YEAH!

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