Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sephora Collection Color Palette

 So I spotted these at Sephora and thought that I must share with you guys!  Sephora keeps coming up with these palettes with different colors and sizes!  I can hardly keep up!  I am still loving the Blockbuster that it came out with during the Holiday Season.  The pigmentation of the shadows is fantastic and it blends like a dream.  I am assuming these are just as good?

Here's the lips gloss section that pulls out on the right side.
 The eyeshadows look really vibrant and colorful!  Definitely summery!
 And when you pull out the left side, it's your cheek stuff including blush and bronzer!  Look at the pink in the bottom left! 
 It costs $24 for the whole palette.  Do you think you will be getting one of these?

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