Friday, February 11, 2011

NEW Maybelline Fit Me Collection

I know this has been out for a little while, and there have been many reviews.  Well first of, I love the sleek packaging.  And you know what I am most impressed by?  They FINALLY HAVE TESTERS for drugstore foundation!!!  I have been traveling to Asia this year, and to my completely shock, Maybelline had testers in drugstores in Tokyo, and Hong Kong, but just not anywhere in America!  Now FINALLY!  They have testers here!  See those little bottles?  Those are testers so that you can find your exact shade!

 They have 18 shades of Fit Me Pressed Powder.  That does not have testers though!  And in my local Walgrees, it costs only $5.49.  Not too bad!
 There are 12 shades of blushes and 3 shades of bronzer, and they also cost $5.49.
 There are 18 shades of Fit me Foundation and they cost $7.99!  I say COOL!  See the little testers?

The foundation packaging is indeed very clean and sleek!  It's got a very "upscale" vibe to it!
 Yeah tester!!  And once you tested the correct color in the foundation, it also gives you the corresponding numbers to the powder and concealer to match your color.
 See how sleek it looks on my hand?  Oh yeah and I am testing out the product too!  Here's my two cents based on the tester.  It felt very light and very much water based feeling, and not at all cakey.  It blends right into the skin seamlessly.  I was impressed.  Coverage is not bad either.  I would say about medium coverage and it appears dewy on my skin.  And for the price, I would say, give it a shot!
And of course, they also have a nice looking concealer with 6 different shades.  Concealer also costs $5.49
Do you guys own any of these and what do you think?

PS I haven't done too many reviews on Maybelline because I know that they do test on animals.  I just want to put that out there.  It doesn't mean that I won't use or review their products, but I also think that since I am a beauty blogger, I have the responsibility to put a disclaimer when reviewing products that test on animals.

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