Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What do you love in life?

OK, I know that this is a makeup blog, but my channel is about beauty inside and out.  And if you want to feel beautiful inside and out, you have to feel good about yourself.  The power of love does help that!  I am just starting to read this book "The Power"by Rhonda Bryne and it talks about how important it is to appreciate what you have and what you love.  So here's my list of what I love in life.  What about you?

I love my cat, laughing, being silly, makeup, being creative, expressing myself through music, makeup, videos, composing, and dancing.

I love nature, and I really really love the ocean.  I love the sounds of the ocean.  I love easy walks and hikes.  I love to explore new cities and travel, and meet new people.

I love great books that teaching me new things and help me become a better person.  I also love to inspire myself and others to be better.

I love the feeling of being happy, and feeling fulfilled, and satisfied.

I love the TV show Lost.

Oh, and I REALLY LOVE yummy food!  I secretly do want to cook.

Loving is a good thing...  What do YOU love in life?
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