Monday, August 13, 2012

NEW Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation (first impression)

So I saw the UD Naked Skin at Sephora and decided to test it out in the store. I didn't buy it seeing the price tag of $38. So I tried it out in store. This is purely my first impression.

-it has a watery and light consistency but it has a surprisingly decent coverage. I would call it almost medium coverage.

-I do notice that it's buildable. With more layers though, it looks less natural. When you have just one layer, it truly looks like it's your bare skin with nothing on.

-this has a similar feel as MAC's Face and Body but this has a more matte finish.

-the packaging is sleek with a savvy pump that I really like. Even the box it comes with looks pretty awesome.

-I was impressed with the amount of shades it comes in. I'm now a NC 35 and my shade is 5. And shade 5 seems to have a slight warm undertone. Most shades seem to be not overly cool nor overly warm. They seem relatively neutral to me which I like. It truly evens out my skin. You can see a picture of me but I was wearing shade 4.5 but I think it's a little light.

-I also like that on the display it shows pictures of models wearing each shade so that you can see how it looks on a real person.

-I have combo skin and I must admit that I was a little surprised by how drying it feels on my skin. This might be great for me and oily skin people on a hot summer day, but I wonder if it would be too drying for someone with dry skin? I can't say much about wear time yet since I literally just tried this out. From what I have heard, this has decent wear time. That's a bonus!

-I also heard this has skin care benefits.

So that's my initial thoughts. What about you? Will you venture into trying this baby out?

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