Monday, July 25, 2011

Payless Shoe Store has makeup? (Part 2)

 So besides the brand Zoe & Zac, they also have this other makeup brand called Unforgettable Moments.  They have some nice eyeshadow palettes.  (Click on image to enlarge)  They have some really beautiful colors.

Here's a palette with a mix of eyeshadows and lipglosses. 
 They also have brozer with brush and some very nice lip palettes.

 These lipglosses look really tempting!!!

Does your local Payless Shoe have makeup too?  Have you seen these?



Belen said...

Ahh, those look promising. Im gonna have to check those out. Thanks for the post (^.*)

calicoaster said...

The palettes look so amazing!!!!


Joyce {} said...

I haven't been to Payless since high school, but it seems like all stores sell makeup nowadays. H&M and Forever21 also sell makeup too. I never tried their makeup, but I wonder how the quality is compared to drugstore brands.

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