Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sephora Floral Funk Eyeshadow Palette - Warm/Cool

Sephora came out with these Floral Funk Eyeshadow Palette relatively recently.  They look quite nice.  This one is in warm and the colors immediately remind me of the ones from the Naked Palette.  Is anyone NOT copying the Naked Palette?
The outside is definitely cute with the flowers and the gold color!
The "Cool" one has a variety of spring/summer colors.  It's quite nice as you can mix and match.
 The cover of the cool one is black with some pink flowers. 
It's 28 bucks for 9 eyeshadows.  But I just went to the Sephora site and they have brought the price down to $20!  Now, that's not bad and worth considering.  Click here to take you to the site.

Will you consider getting this?

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